3 Experiential Activation Events We Can All Marvel At Posted by Excollective on Jul 16, 2015
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Experiential marketing means more than just an event or a campaign – it is an elevated form of these marketing activities with the goal of emotionally connecting with your target audience and creating a memorable and positive experience with your brand, service or product.

How is this elevation measured? It’s all about the awe and positive response from the target audience, accompanied by an increase in brand recognition, recall and sales. Here are a few great examples:

1. Carlsberg – Pull That Tap Now!

How effective is it to have an activation event that delivers its brand promise on-the-dot and on-the-spot? Very!

For Carlsberg, proving its very bold billboard statement right there and then hits the mark by giving its consumers the actual taste sensation. See how people lined up on the street to get their beer (no drinkers were harmed in making this video).


2. Delta Airlines – Stillness in Motion

Solving a paradox – to find stillness in motion – is what Delta Air made the TED2015 attendees experience and it was certainly an exhilarating and surreal moment for each of them.

The installation asked for each attendee to enter a room full of biometric sensors that pulsated in sync with the user’s heartbeat. Once the person found his/her most still state, an orb recorded the moment to immortalise the experience. The campaign created a strong impression on social media, gathering 9.3 million Twitter impressions.


3. The Cake Shop in the Garden – Hansel and Gretel Reimagined

During the launch of Carole Matthews’ new novel ‘The Cake Shop in the Garden”, an edible garden was erected made of 4 kg of icing, 15 types of cake, a Swiss-roll bird bath and 300 edible ivy leaves.

Adults and children alike enjoyed their “Hansel and Gretel” moment, revelling at the sight and happily munching away – the unique experience resulted in great PR and marketing for the book launch.

All these impressions, interactions, moments and experiences encompass what experiential marketing is all about: delivering experiential activation events that connect people to a brand, product or service – and we cannot reiterate enough the importance of this connection that can be generated into increased recall and sales.


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