4 Current Content Trends on Social Media To Watch Out For Posted by Excollective on Sep 24, 2015
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In our previous blog on data-driven marketing, we emphasised the value of creative content and leveraging delivery channels and promotional platforms because numbers do matter in communicating your brand and offering. With the current stats on various social media platforms alone, we see the magnitude of the impact that creative content creates.

Read on to learn how ‘creative content’ is qualified through these current content trends on social media platforms and how content can be used to have a conversation with people and build relationships:

Power of Two: What numbers are we talking about again?

According to the Shareablee reporton US top brands’ social media practices, people interacted with brands and publisher content through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram approximately 39 billion times during the first half of 2015 – and for brands alone, things are on the up and up as percentages rise in terms of two factors, audience engagement and actions per weekly post:

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It’s All About the ____: What are people likely to share and why?

Differences in age and gender account for the type of content shared across platforms. For your brand campaigns, you can use and combine the trends in the following charts to help make your content more shareable. For example, if you want to relate with millennial women for a beauty campaign, consider sharing tips and DIYs – according to the report, women want to see something useful that they can add to their knowledge. If you want to relate with millennial men for a grooming campaign, consider inserting a humorous line or a funny pic.

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Video killed the radio star?

Seeing the 163% rise on total actions (likes, shares, favourites and retweets) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, video content emerges on top as the type of content most impressionable among social media users. In the US, video has been enjoying a 140% increase in sharing since 2013 – and is shared almost 4 times more than other content types!

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Targeted Campaigns: Talk personal to me.

Like one of the core values of experiential marketing, brand stories are translated into personal experiences, which allow people to closely interact with a product or service; while people might forget what you said, they will not quickly forget how you made them feel.  Social media platforms enable fans to express their feelings and opinions of brand experiences.

For an activation event, encourage event participants to post a picture on FB/IG, loop a Vine video and use the event hashtag so your broader audience can see and share the experience.

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