4 Current Visual Merchandising Trends Worth Trying Posted by Excollective on Oct 20, 2015
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In the world of events, branding and visual merchandising, businesses need to be ahead of the game – by assessing and tailoring current and upcoming trends, advertising and merchandising strategies can be continually updated to portray your unique proposition and attract your desired audience.

As the phrase implies, ‘visual merchandising’ involves catching the eye of prospective and current consumers. As the year is coming to a close, it’s good to take a look at some current and upcoming visual merchandising trends and examples you can incorporate into your retail spaces and see their corresponding impact:


Trend #1: Be Forward with High Technology

As Burberry puts it, “blurring digital and physical worlds” can make your brand one step ahead of the visual merchandising game – and considering the amount of time millennials put into using their gadgets to do almost anything, incorporating digital solutions into your brick-and-mortar stores is one of the best things you can do to increase the brand loyalty of your customers. See in the video below how LED displays and interactive mirrors transformed the Burberry Regent Street store into a digitally-enabled culture space that channels both the brand and the lifestyle the brand promotes.

Burberry: Breathing and living fashion.


Trend #2: Making Brands and Products Pop with Pop-up Stores

Pop-up stores are everywhere nowadays as they are used to promote new products and services. Aside from them being easy to create and install (even put away), businesses can be highly creative and conceptually experimental since the retail space is small, compared to actual stores, and transient – and setup can be cost-effective too!

Being cost-effective doesn’t mean sacrificing the quality of your visual elements – check out this recently-opened pop-up store by the French perfume house Fragrance Du Bois in Singapore; this miniature replica of its flagship store capturing the luxury and elegance of the brand.

Fragrance Du Bois: Luxury and elegance wrapped in a box.


Trend #3: Going Back to Basics with Nature

“Sustainability” is a current buzzword in many industries and this is very evident in retail merchandising; by using nature as a theme and design concept, consumers can feel the sustainability/authenticity of the brand and/or products.

Starbucks is one good example of a brand promoting both sustainability and authenticity for their core concept, products and retail design & merchandising.

Starbucks: Authenticity and nature found not only found in their coffee beans.


Trend #4: Mixing/Matching Materials & Design Styles

Go modern or avant-garde; creative visual merchandising concepts are taking on non-traditional combinations of materials and style in retail spaces, allowing for different facets of the brand to be explored and known by consumers. Also, this is a very effective and eye-catching way to differentiate yourself from others! Check out these interpretations by Kiehl’s that mix industrial elements (neon signage and brick), luxury accents (marble and chandeliers) and natural elements (wood) for an eclectic and vibrant vibe!

Kiehl’s: Eclectic, current and human with many elements combined.


Setting up a retail spaces can be a daunting prospect, given that it defines and embodies your brand’s value proposition and products. However, think more of the fun and challenge during conceptualisation until the time your goods fly off the rack and with people admiring your actualised vision. If you are not so sure about your concept or what elements to incorporate, consult with a creative agency so your branding, messaging and actual products are all aligned in your visual merchandising.


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