4 Ways for Marketing Campaigns to Go Beyond Viral Posted by Excollective on Sep 10, 2015
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Shares, tweets, follows, likes – these are verbs that frequently take their noun forms in contemporary conversations, all because of the popularity of social media platforms. Here are some quick and updated stats about these major platforms:

Facebook: There are 1.4 billion Facebook users, accounting for of 47% of internet users. 4.5 billion FB likes are generated daily.

Twitter: It has 284 million active users, with 500 million tweets being sent per day.

Instagram: IG has 300 million users, with 70 million photos and videos being sent each day – and 53% of internet users aged 18-29 use IG.

Pinterest: It has 70 million users, with 80% being female and 77% purchasing a product they pinned.

In the realm of online marketing campaigns, there is one thing that can be established by the aforementioned fact: the calls-to-actions of each platform and the daily figures generate great interest among users about a company, service or a product, therefore increasing the possibility of boosting the ROI of your company or business.

What makes a marketing campaign viral? Here are some tips and examples that can guide you to making a buzz-worthy marketing campaign:


It’s about visuals.

The most shareable content in any platform has accompanying visuals to make it more appealing (hence the move by Twitter to have photo and video sharing). While conceptualising your campaign, make sure your visuals match your brand messaging and never compromise it.

This 15-second video encapsulates the vastness of both the Grand Canyon and the knowledge stored in Google. It also captures the beauty and the exhilaration one feels being on top of the Canyon, which in turn captures the attention of people.


 The Google App: Grand Canyon.  Great view, amazing 41 million views.


Oh, it’s also about feelings.

Dove’s emotional messaging that women can overcome their insecurities by believing in their innate and natural beauty tugs at the heartstrings. Like Dove, your company/product/service should be related to a topic that not only puts your brand positioning in a positive frame but also incites emotions in consumers.

 Dove Real Beauty Sketches. Faith restored in humanity as shown by its 66 million views.


It should ultimately be about your messaging.

With the tagline “Be a Hero”, GoPro not only showed heroics in this campaign, but also showcased the functionalities and the values of their product. With all the “Awwwww”s, *sobs* and <3 <3 <3  comments, GoPro truly became the hero in people’s eyes.

 GoPro: Be A Hero.  Who wouldn’t be called a hero after saving a kitten? Approval rate high with 27 million views.


Keeping it simple and direct ultimately does the trick.

Simple and straightforward – viewers/consumers shouldn’t be given the burden of decoding the message of your campaign. For Burger King, proposing a truce in the form of a “burger wars” ceasefire with McDonald’s — a call to join hands and burgers (literally) on United Nations Peace Day this month — was the way to go. Burger King pulled out all the stops by launching a new website containing all the details of this ambitious collaborative idea, ultimately leaving the proverbial ball — the acceptance of this one-of-a-kind proposal — in McDonald’s court.

Burger King: McWhopper Proposal. Even though McDonald’s declined the proposal, The King still won the hearts of netizens worldwide because of its bold move. (It makes one wonder, though: What could have happened, had McDonald’s decided to “settle the beef with beef” by replying with a resounding “yes?”)


For marketing campaigns, always consider this – viewers who like your content and brand messaging will ALWAYS be potential leads/customers and they have the ability to make your campaigns go viral. If you are not so sure about any of the elements above, you may consult a marketing activations company/digital solutions provider to brainstorm your campaign ideas.


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