5 Reasons Why Pop-Up Shops Pop Out Posted by Excollective on Oct 29, 2015
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Whether you are a small startup or a big enterprise, a pop-up shop is one marketing and sales trend you can cost effectively tap into to take your merchandise to your customers. A pop-up shop allows you to communicate your brand promise through the use of a unique and engaging ‘here today-gone tomorrow’ physical environment while creating an immersive shopping experience.  Here are some reasons why pop-up shops are all the rage:


  • Exclusivity. When pop-up shops appear on a busy street or mall, or on a popular beach promenade, shoppers instinctively know that there may be a new product or service on offer. Exclusive access, combined with scarcity and the limited time window, can drive buyer behaviour.  Help this behaviour along with ‘introductory prices’, ‘limited edition’ products or ‘end-of-season’ sales.


  • Increasing buzz-worthiness. By incorporating strategic digital solutions to hype up your pop-up shop, you can make it the talk of the town on social media and turn your store into a creative experiential activations event! You may post an opening-day promo on your social media pages, offer discounts when followers show promo posts during the event or ask visitors to post selfies at the location to win prizes after the pop-up shop closes – you have limitless options to increase your brand and product recognition, consumer loyalty and, of course, sales!


  • Mobility. Be on-the-go with your merchandise and go to where your consumers are! Set up your pop-up shop in a side alley, a kiosk in the middle of a street, or out in the open like on the beach – a big advantage that comes with this kind of mobility is that you can match and hand-pick the location based on your target demographic!  The Kube – as shown in the image above – is an ideal mobile unit to use to pop up all over the place!


  • Cost-effectiveness. Whether you are marketing a new product or adding a new revenue stream, with pop-up shops you can explore creative visual merchandising and retail architecture at a fraction of the cost associated with traditional stores. You can maximise every centimetre of the space and the value of every dollar spent with eye-catching displays, creative and precise signage and dedicated promotional staff.


  • Real-time feedback. Launching a new product? You can set up live demos, fittings, and sampling — and ask for feedback right there and then! Not only are you testing the market and setting up an opportunity for increased brand/product awareness, you also get to modify your merchandise or marketing strategy based on real consumer opinions!


If these reasons appeal to you and you decide to try this exciting business venture, you can consult experts to design, create and implement your pop-up shop and advise and coach you to maximise your opportunity to make a long term, lasting impression with potential customers.

Need help with creating eye-catching retail spaces and creative visual merchandising? Simply message us to and learn more on how to maximise your retail spaces and let your brand values shine through!

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