6 Top Tips for Strengthening Brand Communications & Strategy Posted by Excollective on Aug 25, 2015
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Establishing your brand, increasing brand awareness and strengthening brand recall can be a herculean process. Make it a little easier on yourself by implementing brand campaigns that are both strategy-effective and cost-effective.

Amp up your marketing campaign strategies and win over your new and existing customers with these tips:

1. Tell your brand story.

A strong brand identity calls for a strong and relatable brand story; a story that people care about and want to buy into. The whole picture will be comprised of facts, feelings and interpretations, much of which will be attributed by other people when you have your back turned.  In other words, your brand story is more than what you tell people through your website, brochures, events and customer presentations; it’s about everything you do from the way you engage with your customers, suppliers and employees to the way you physically present your brand in the colours and texture of your packaging and business cards.

2. Articulate your brand’s personality

Every branding strategy aims for uniqueness and recall. Steve Jobs was on the money back in 1997 when he said ‘marketing is about values’ and ‘‘this is a very noisy world…we’re not going to get the chance to get people to remember much about us….so we have to be really clear on what we want them to know about us’.  Clearly articulate your brand’s core values; tell people what you stand for and show people how you keep your promises. To effectively showcase your brand, streamline your branding guidelines (logo, iconography, colour etc.) and be consistent with your brand’s appearance in every interaction you have with your audience.

4. Showcase your brand in sponsored events.

Expos, tournaments and events, including charitable events, all present opportunities for you to prominently display your brand and communicate on-brand messages to a qualified audience.  Think about sponsoring an event; in doing so, enhance your brand’s image, prestige and credibility.  Charitable events present their own intrinsic rewards through the chance to give something back to the community.

5. Engage customers via referrals.

Recommendations from fellow consumers are free publicity, and the through-the-grapevine approach has never been more available than now, with the rise of online marketing. Through your website or social media sites, engage your visitors through comments and listen and respond to their feedback. You can also employ a referral program – offering discounts for referrals can mean sales. Online competitions can also be very effective in generating interest in your brand.

6. Strengthening your online presence.

We cannot deny the power and influence of online presence, as seen in website clicks and shared posts on various social media sites every day. For websites, optimisation in terms of design, SEO and CRO are vital for increased clicks and search ranking. For social media, engagement in forms of posts, shares and contests can define your brand identity and inform your consumers who you are and what you stand for.

You may have a great product or service, but if people don’t know about the best of who you are and what you offer, your sales results will never reach their full potential . Discuss with your marketing agency how to have strong brand communications and come up with creative, compelling and unique brand positioning and strategies to achieve success.

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