a little bit About excollective

who are we?

Excollective is a leading spatial design company, specialising in semi-permanent pop up spaces, including but not limited to retail shop-in-shop displays, product launches, and outdoor activations.

A design led business, we are complimented by efficient in-house delivery solutions such as manufacturing and project management.

We are a fast turn-key design company who delicately balance the creation of functional pop up spaces whilst keeping agile and flexible enough to keep up with the demands and time-frames of a fast evolving retail architecture environment.

Why Choose Us?

We know how to target in on an individual brand’s potential to engage with their customers. We will advise you how to play to your strengths and avoid the many pitfalls. Let our many years experience, in connecting brands and consumers, be your asset.

Our Focus is Creativity

The starting point of any good design is communication. We will find out who you are, what your goals are and get acquainted with your brand before we even put pen to paper. Then our experienced industrial design team will create the perfect space for you to connect with your customers.