Why we’re going to see retail and branded pop-ups popping up everywhere in 2021.

A pop-up, in this context, is a temporary retail space which offers businesses a ‘here-today-gone-tomorrow’ sales or marketing environment in order to showcase their brand or product in a trial size platform.

Being such a temporary, short term venture, a pop-up offers a relatively low-cost opportunity for a company to take some creative risks which wouldn’t be possible using more long term real estate. It offers up the opportunity for a brand to have a bit of fun, generate some buzz and introduce their product to new audiences.

It’s a perfect advertising platform allowing emerging brands to experiment a bit with their retail options before taking on any big commitments, and at the same time create an immersive experience for potential customers without signing up for a ton of overheads which would be involved with a permanent retail location.

In order for brands to take advantage of the ever evolving shift in shopping behaviours, they will need to increasingly embrace the brave new world of high-tech, high-concept experiential pop-up shops.

The retail transformation we’re seeing where consumers are moving from in-store to on-line, and prefer experience and interaction with a brand is not just a passing fad, but a by-product of brands evolving to meet market demands.

Just like social media campaigns, experiential marketing efforts in the physical world represent quantifiable results for brands by creating memorable, shared experiences. This unique one-on-one relationship builds a devoted clientele which, in turn drives sales and will help to retain brand loyalty.

Brands are using pop-up platforms to, not only sell their products direct, but also to heighten consumer experiences. It is becoming imperative to engage the consumer through stimulating aesthetics and interactive displays. These micro locations are being employed to extend brand awareness… and to target prospective customers with a more authentic experience.

The environment created in these pop ups can be completely controlled and themed by the brand. For example, the ‘Kube’, specifically designed by us here at Excollective for outdoor branding events and activations, is a highly adaptable and durable mobile unit which allows for an almost unlimited level of customisation suiting various individual brand requirements, whilst bundling up into a compact package for easy installation and transportation. 

There are so many options available from tailor made mobile units such as the Kube to shipping containers or individual custom designed displays. You are really only limited by imagination and creativity, or at least the imagination of your pop-up designer.

Contact us for ideas for your next event and let us create a great pop-up experience together.