Event and Retail Spaces as Experiencescapes Posted by Excollective on Aug 20, 2015
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For experiential activations, the design element is critical to optimise the attraction of your brand/product/service. The question is: how much can the exhibition or event space or environment affect the brand experience?

Event design is defined1 as creating, conceptualising and staging an event using certain principles and techniques that can engage the audience with positive and meaningful experiences. Effective engagement, through smart communication that  connects the event with your audience, together with clever spatial design that involves the senses, integrates technology and challenges the use of materials, will maximise your chance of creating a unique experience and achieving your goals.

Let’s take a look at some examples of awesome conceptualisation and execution of spatial designs and brand experiences:


Nike Kobe 9 Launch

Held at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, the consumer launch showcased the history of the Kobe line with the Kobe 9 as the pièce de résistance. To celebrate the incorporation of the Flyknit technology, the event space was transformed into sub-spaces where people could interact with the brand in various ways.

kobe 1 kobe_imp4


Brunner Fair Stand

At the 2012 Milan Furniture Fair, Brunner exhibited two of its new products; the “hoc” stool and the “plot” seating system. For the launch, a unique retail space was made to look like an installation that resonates to the “contemplative act of sitting”.2 Using various combinations in the dimensions of colour, height  and geometry, the personalised seating landscapes provided the unrestrained experience of trying out the products.

Check out the murals depicting forms of sitting, which are composed of words connected to sitting!

Brunner-Fair-Stand-Salone-del-Mobile-Ippolito-Fleitz-Group-Milan Brunner-Fair-Stand-Salone-del-Mobile-Ippolito-Fleitz-Group-Milan-04 Brunner-Fair-Stand-Salone-del-Mobile-Ippolito-Fleitz-Group-Milan-02


Selfridges Fragrance Lab

With a choice of fragrances named after favourite celebrities, who wouldn’t want to emerge from a store with their own signature scent?

Last year, Selfridges opened its unique retail space, channeling lucidity and avant-garde look-feel, with a wonderful use of materials.  Customers embarked on a “journey of the senses” to find their signature fragrances.

The result? Their experience inside the lab determined their trademark fragrance and identity. 

selfridges design lab

Successful event design is all about infusing your audience with memorable experiences through perfectly conceived, designed and executed events that excite the senses, integrate technology and challenge the use of materials. It helps you to have an artistic, creative and theatrical element that amplifies the experience so that your audience can truly enjoy and remember you and your brand.

If you want to know more about creating customised event spaces and utilising spatial experience, simply message us and we can help you design your events from ideas to execution!


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