Kube: exco uses Product Out of the Box for Your Outdoor Brand Activations Posted by Excollective on Jul 31, 2015
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In the previous blog post, we talked about translating brand stories into actual brand experiences through experiential activation events. Now, we extend the storytelling to bringing stories into life through actual experiential marketing set-ups and installations – what makes a good pop-up installation?

For outdoor campaigns and events, exco has seen the problem with pop-up marquees and cumbersome inflatables that don’t offer so much in terms of maximising the interaction between the consumers and the product/service and highlighting the uniqueness of your brand, therefore not optimising the experience. To solve this, an innovative pop-up installation box was conceptualised: the Kube. Here are some fast facts about the latest innovative experiential activation tool available through exco:


It is more than just a mobile brand space.

The growing landscape of experiential marketing has been crying out for a product that can showcase a quality brand whilst still being convenient to tour the vast Australian landscape. With the versatility of its design, the Kube can be conveniently set up to suit your activation event needs and purposes.

For Nokia, we helped them prepare their demonstration/training event at the Sydney headquarters of Optus. The strategically designed Kube easily allowed people to experience the brand.




It easily bundles up into a compact package.

The Kube is a highly adaptable and durable mobile unit, designed for outdoor branding events and activations. It allows for an impressive level of customisation to suit your individual requirements, while enabling easy installation and transport.

NBN is a wholly-owned Commonwealth company – a government business enterprise established to design, build and operate Australia’s new broadband network – and this activation event at Coffs Harbour NSW was held for consumers to experience their services firsthand. See how the Kube was easily installed/dismantled/arranged, and managed to accommodate the consumers who were interested.



It significantly lowers logistics costs.

With the Kube having a weather-resistant design and a lockable frame, you can have a secure brand space that can be used in many activation events. Also, its design only requires two people to set it up; it can be easily managed by a small promotional staff. Lastly, this can also be done very quickly – and in business, time and workforce equate to money.

For J&J Pacific, see how their staff easily managed these consumers who wanted to try out their latest Neutrogena sunscreen range at the Dee Why and Cronulla beaches in Sydney.

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At exco, we believe in maximising the potential of an activation event to succeed – and the Kube aligns with your vision for your brand to be the product of an out-of-the-box conceptualisation. With a properly executed marketing plan and a very versatile mobile brand space like the Kube, you can make your brand eye-catching and expect an increased ROI soon!


If you want to know more about how the Kube can be part of your activation events, simply message us and we can think of ways to create unique environments for your setup to stand out!