FPA 2011 saw AMP entering an exciting era with the merger of AXA and launch of their new brand. The Home of Financial Planning was chosen as the key tagline and focus for the exhibition stand. We were set the task of creating an environment that intertwined the familiar aspects of a home, but translated into a workable marketing space.

An inviting enclosure was used to represent a modern and comforting home, with a stylised garden area featured to the perimeter of the space. The stand was designed with an imposing 4m high structure supported by a glowing beacon, rigged high above the show easily visible from anywhere in the centre. The aura of the new logo was infused into the structure as we lined the edges of all the walls with a programmable lighting display that had an alluring pulse effect. The connectivity of the structure represented the intertwining of AMP’s partners and the comprehensive services they have to offer.

To entice delegates into the space, multiple interactive gaming stations were included, utilising the technology of the Microsoft Kinect. This enabled sales staff to establish a more personal dynamic with the client before engaging with them about their products. Hospitality giveaways were provided as a means to nurture warm leads, once they were qualified by friendly and knowledgeable promotional staff. These elements were included to ensure AMP was walking away from the event with genuine leads.