Sony is recognised as one of the leading consumer electronic company’s worldwide. Yet after an analysis of their retail presence in early 2013 it was evident there was no consistency with their physical presence in retail spaces. We were given the opportunity to create this identity, an identity that would tell the story of Sony’s innovative range of products and history.

Within the busy and unique retail space of Sydney’s International Airport we designed and executed a store that balanced the historic identity of Sony with a contemporary edge to highlight their status in the market. Material finishes were carefully chosen to not only represent the brand effectively, but withstand the unforgiving nature of a retail setting. Light-boxes filled with interchangeable graphic imagery were used to promote product categories. Careful planning and detailed analysis of the space allowed our production partners to prefabricate elements, making the installation highly efficient and cost effective.

With many years of experience with consumer electronics in retail spaces, we were able to plan out the display and interaction of each product with precision. This factored careful consideration to messaging, security requirements, demonstration and presentation. We used data from heat mapping sensors to monitor and analyse pedestrian traffic, which helped evolve and target key stories when new products were released.