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The combination of technological advances in hardware and software and social media channels allows businesses to build coherent, aligned experiences across multiple platforms. Businesses are increasingly adopting this omni-channel strategy to provide their customers with consistent experiences and the ability to move seamlessly between channels while keeping track of all transactions.

Whether you’re trying to come to grips with the myriad of opportunities available or are already using multiple channels and want to create consistent experiences, with an outside-in strategy that puts the customer at the centre and enables them to use channels simultaneously, exco can help you through:

Creative and Content Strategy: For innovative and shareable content, which is optimised in real time and designed and delivered to create an emotional connection between your targeted audience and your brand and align your brand story and experiences across multiple channels and devices.

Community Management: We find audiences where they are and reach the right audience at the right time. If you want an event to shine, we’ll make sure it does by targeting your audience and utilising social medial channels to create a pre-event ‘buzz’ to maximise attendance, keep the momentum going during the event and sustain meaningful long-term engagement following the event.

Development & Production: We create innovative digital solutions, for web or mobile, to stand out in the ever-changing world of multi-device. We see new-generation digital ads moving into the viewer’s natural activity stream with sight, sound, motion and interaction, enabled by advances in native, in-feed digital video, mobile and programmatic creative.

Analytics and Insights: We apply qualitative and quantitative research, statistical and financial analysis and decision science to uncover data and facts, apply relevant metrics and monitor performance to measure campaign effectiveness, the success of broader branding initiatives and to guide future directions and decisions.

Social Live Blogging and Posting: Social media content and engagement are the key to search engine optimisation; we will design, create, schedule and post your social content and optimise metatags, titles, images, and keywords to increase website traffic and improve your search rankings.

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