Standing out from the crowd through unique exhibition environments.

Exhibitions and exhibition stands or displays provide a highly flexible environment in which a wide variety of sales and marketing objectives can be achieved, including launching new products, building brand image, strengthening customer relations and generating media interest.

To effectively illustrate your brand, corporate identity, products and services, exco’s ideas and creative designs make sure your exhibitions and displays stand out in the crowd.  Our production partner will bring our ideas and creations to life and we will help you maximise your investment.  We can do this by training and coaching your team to effectively engage with visitors and by incorporating our multifaceted and integrated digital and social media marketing ideas.  These can incite interest and excitement and create a pre-show buzz, maintain interest and excitement by using content to encourage visitors to engage with your exhibition online and prolong your campaign through ongoing online activities and interactions.

  • Showcase your brand and products and services
  • Strengthen customer relations and generate media interest
  • Make your exhibitions and displays stand out in a crowd
  • Optimise engagement with customers before, during and after the exhibition


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