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As part of a brand communications strategy, companies are increasingly adopting experiential marketing to create a strong and memorable impression and connection between their brands and customers. Unlike traditional advertising (radio/TV/print), experiential activations use experiences and employ any or all of the senses (seeing, smelling, hearing, touching, tasting) to allow audiences to interact with brands and products.  The experience is fun and, when done well, the results – including heightened satisfaction, loyalty and sales – invariably justify the effort.

exco employs a variety of creative marketing techniques – from individual sampling to demonstrations to large-scale public events to guerilla marketing – to suit any business type and size and any budget.

  • Establish a memorable and emotional connection between your brand and your customers
  • Generate customer loyalty and influence purchasing decisions
  • Immerse consumers within your products or services by engaging their senses
  • Put some fun into your marketing activities

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