Retail Architecture

Making your brand values come alive through comprehensive and inspiring spaces.

Retail footfall may ebb and flow but stores, as real-time spaces, continue to serve an important purpose.  The point of sale has moved beyond its historical function as a quasi-public space for the mere display and provision of goods and services to something much more sophisticated. Smart brands haven’t given up on the store or other retail space as their physical point of sale; they treat it as a challenge to re-imagine its meaning. If everything is cheaper on the internet, how do you make real-time, real-place shops meaningful?  

The answer is by transforming the conventional store or retail space visit into a memorable spatial experience that engages and delights – and exco can definitely realise this vision.

  • Create a symbiotic relationship between retail space and online presence
  • View your store or retail space as an extension of your brand’s online presence
  • Create a retail space that attracts, engages and retains interest and loyalty
  • Make the most of every square metre

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