The growing landscape of experiential marketing has been crying out for a product that can showcase a quality brand whilst still being convenient to tour the vast Australian landscape. The market has been stuck with pop up marquees or cumbersome inflatables that don’t offer much customisability to highlight the uniqueness of every brand. In 2014, exco asked the Exhibitionco production team to build the perfect product.

The Kube is a highly adaptable and durable mobile unit, designed for outdoor branding events and activations; it allows for an impressive level of customisation to suit your individual requirements, whilst conveniently bundling up into a compact package for easy installation and transportation.

The Kube is more than just a mobile brand space. With its weather resistant design and lockable frame, the Kube can function as a mobile sales space. The quick 2 person setup, manageable by promotional staff, helps to keep logistic cost down.

The Kube’s versatility has recently been showcased by companies such as Nokia, Channel 7, Johnson & Johnson Pacific, and NBN Co.